To safe your partner from suicide is to avoid dishonesty in a relationship
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Dishonesty And Effect Of lying In A Relationship

Dishonesty In A Relationship Dishonesty is a negative energy that makes a person act without being honest, not being truthful, cheating, misconduct, mistrust and lying in a relationship.  Lying in a relationship hurts and is poisonous to relationships. The consequence of lying in a relationship is suicide, to safe your partner is to avoid dishonesty. […]

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23 Reasons Why Declining His Marriage Proposal Will Be At Your Advantage

Accepting His Marriage Proposal     Not all marriage proposals are meant to be accepted, even if you are eager to get married. If you truly know what you want, it is important to decline a marriage proposal if necessary.   Rejecting your fiancee’s proposal for marriage isn’t an act of wickedness, pride or an insult […]

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How To Stop Being An Option And Make Yourself a Priority In Relationship

How To Make Yourself a Priority In Relationship   Relationships are met to make people happy and not become a problem, a relationship filled with love and intimacy where each person has equal right to  question and be questioned, to argue and resolve amicably, to make decisions and reverse them.   Where everyone is entitled […]