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How To Save Marriage From Religion Problem And Keep Healthy Relationship As Couples

Religion Problem In Marriage: The role religion plays in marriage has kept so many relationships at bay, as couples end up with a broken home, divorce in regrets. Finding flaws in each other’s religion while ignoring the essence of marriage.   So many couples are carried away by their beliefs, trying to satisfy religion, forgetting why […]

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9 Ways To Resolve Culture Barriers In Relationship Against Marriages

Culture Barrier In Relationship Affects Marriage: Culture differences among lovers has greatly demoralized so many relationships while in courtship and has well caused more harm than good in marriage. Culture signifies individual differences and more of how people control and being controlled by social life style, beliefs, myths, folk tales, norms and more. As it […]

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8 Ways To Avoid Living With In-Laws Destroying Marriage

 In-Laws Destroying Marriage The dramatic side of marriage has no end and the issue of in-laws in marriage has torn so many relationships apart; while turning the couples or lovers against themselves, and also tearing families apart. Be it mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law or fathers-in-law, every in-law in marriage could make meaning to the marriage and […]