Relationship Shield

A blog to shield, safeguard and protect existing couples from danger and risk of unpleasant experiences in order to re-connect and bridge the gaps in broken relationships such as marriage, courtship and friendship.
It matters to provide an efficient, effective and reliable tricks and tips to link people up in dating and finding their soul mate. Providing solution to courtship or marital affairs and other issues in every relationship also matters.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to fill the bridge between old and new relationships, to protect and shield broken or damage homes and to shed light on how to take responsibilities, domination control, proper communication, attractiveness and attraction.
In this manner, other things related to what can harm our relationship at the inception of friendship, courtship and marriages and how we can balance the use of power in the home is as well included.

 Our Interest

We are concerned about resolving relationship gaps – Sex life for couples – Doubt in relationships – How to avoid separation, How to take responsibilities – Home control, rebounding and shielding all aspect of our relationship life.
We shall continually post and consistently update our blog to suit our readers interest and build a form of an open relationship between we and our readers.