24 Freaky Things to Say to Your Girlfriend Right Now

While there is a lot of text out there, a lot of sexting chat that you can have with your girlfriend. Knowing the freaky things to say to your girlfriend can wow your girlfriend even better. Especially for lovers who are intimate.

As a loving boyfriend, you need to be full of surprises for your girlfriend, give her the shock of her life that she will love and will even make her love you more. 

Freaky Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Aside from making her feel secure which enhances the level of trust between both of you. Sometimes you have to be creative to provide some freaky things to say to your girlfriend so as not to keep your relationship boring and out of date.

Before getting started with freaky things to say to your girlfriend, make sure you are both on the same side. I mean you do things in common and your sexual life is kept private, make sure you are both open to each other and you can tell each other naughty things that will not cause issues in your relationship.

24 Freaky things to say to your girlfriend now

  1. I had a naughty dream, guess who was in it
  2. I feel like getting your hole in between my leg
  3. The moment you left, my pants got wet
  4. I found myself in cloud 9 when I heard you screaming
  5. Freaky things to say to your girlfriend is to say Your outfit immediately blew my mind away
  6. Freaky things to say to your girlfriend is ‘I have been opening the door each moment I head a footstep, I thought it was you
  7. In between your legs takes me places out of my imagination
  8. Your beauty makes me go out of my mind
  9. I promise to not stop digging you next time until you call me dad
  10. It was pleasant when I was inside of you even when I ran out of oil.
  11. Come let me grease your engine.
  12. I feel like filling you up till you explode
  13. Freaky things to say to your girlfriend is to say ‘There is no job more satisfying than your hand job’
  14. Though, it hurts but will you come back for more?
  15. We should try a more complex position in bed but don’t break my back.
  16. You are just like a superwoman you never seize to surprise me.
  17. You are so beautiful that I wonder if you are truly mine.
  18. I am sure our children will be as cute as you, I can’t wait to start a family with you.
  19. If the world is full of roses, I did buy the world for you.
  20. Sometimes, I imagine my world without you, it will be so empty.
  21. I am wet right now, can you come over?
  22. I have been searching for love all these years, the moment I found you, I knew I got what I wanted.
  23. All my folks have changed, all my memories have faded but you remain the same.
  24. For the most part, I want you anyways.

Keep in mind that most of the freaky things to say to your girlfriends are naughty things, dirty talk that is more like sexting. 

You might have seen me repeatedly mentioning sexting. Well , sexting is a naughty way of chatting with your partner which can spark up or make your girlfriend sexually aroused. 

I do recommend sexting for long distance relationships, but while doing so, be cautious not to do it to irritate your partner or make your partner loose. 

And also avoid these freaky things to say to your girlfriend if she eventually ends up being addicted to masturbation. 

Be careful because there are ways masturbation affects relationships and personal life so badly that it becomes a habit. However, there are ways to stop masturbation, if you are in this shoe…..

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