18 Awful Sign When a Woman Give Up On a Relationship Completely

It is very important to know at an early stage when a woman finds a relationship less attractive. When a woman give up on a relationship without you being aware early enough, it shows you aren’t doing your job right as a man.

Awful SignWhen a Woman Give Up On a Relationship

That being said, when you notice a woman give up on a relationship she intoxicates the relationship and poses some bad energy just to let go of her.

You should know when you are also in a toxic relationship.

Women show some toxic energy when a relationship is tiring, these sudden attitudes discuss below are signs when a woman give up on a relationship.

Women easily fall in love, but at the same time they can easily give up on a relationship when things don’t work out as expected.

A man should always keep in mind that women are easily manipulated by new things, especially when they find something more interesting than what their present relationship offers.

You can not blame them much, this is women nature, only few of them have the right mind strength to tackle this.

Finding True Happiness In a Relationship

This is why I tell men and women in a relationship, that the greatest thing to hold on too in a relationship is nothing but your happiness.

Let your happiness come first in everything over any other thing. That does not mean that you shouldn’t take your partner seriously but still, your ultimate goal in a relationship should first be your happiness before anything else.

However, making a handful of meaningful relationships comes with sacrifices, responsibility, patience and management, this you should also keep in mind as well.

I do always say again, relationship is not meant to be perfect but should be maintained by both partners. Its should be balanced and not based on perfection.

Any man or woman who looks for a perfect relationship will never find it. What they will always find is heartbreaks.

However, for a man, here are things or signs when a woman give up on a relationship.

Signs When a Woman Give Up On a Relationship

When a woman give up on a relationship she starts acting up, strange, doing exactly the opposite of what you know of her.

1. She does the opposite: When a woman starts to show some strange attitude aside from the usual things she does. Like when she starts becoming disrespectful, very annoying or acting toxic to the relationship, you should be aware that something isn’t right. When a woman give up on a relationship she practically does the opposite of what gives the relationship happiness.

2. Self distancing: You will notice self distancing when a woman give up on a relationship. She starts distancing herself from you when she has given up on you. She will give you unreasonable excuses for creating space with you. Actually if you are lucky enough, she could tell you she needs a break, rather than wasting your time.

3. Start being unavailable: The moment you notice your woman start being unavailable without any good or reasonable reason, it is a direct signal she has given up on the relationship.

4. She stops complaining: When a woman stops complaining about everything that she is used to complaining about, then there is a problem. It might be that there is someone else giving her some higher benefit where yours counts less.

5. She becomes unpredictable: When a woman is in love, she is always open, in fact, completely open to you. When she is deeply in love with you she is very predictable. You can determine her moves and predict what she is to do next. But when things turns out the opposite, it is a sign she has given up on the relationship.

6. Stop being very emotional: When a woman give up on a relationship, she becomes less emotionally involved, active and conscious of the relationship. You will no longer feel her presence, it will always look like you’re forcing her on yourself.

7 Desperate to leave: When a woman give up on a relationship she will always be in a haste to leave, she will no longer want to be around you. Even if you offer her the whole world, she won’t stay because her mind is made up.

8. Stop seeing you: There is no other way around it. She will surely stop seeing you because the more she does she more she gets attached and could be convinced to stay. She will stop seeing you when she has given up on the relationship.

9. She start eating you up: When a woman give up on a relationship she starts eating you up, drains you mentally, physically and emotionally. Ladies are very funny when they have nothing to do with you. Instead of them taking the bold step to leave and never come back, they keep calling only when they need your assistance.

10. She becomes irritating: She will make sure you become irritated by her. A woman who has given up on a relationship will do irrelevant, unreasonable, frustrating and offensive things just to discharge herself from the relationship.

11. Keeps privacy: Keeping privacy may help relationships in some ways but actually not ideal for a healthy relationship. You can keep your privacy but still be transparent to the relationship. But when you suspect an unusual action from her. Like for instance if she is not used to keeping privacy from you but starts doing so, you should know there is something fishy.

12 Less concern about trust: A woman who has already given up on a relationship will certainly be less concerned about trust. Even if she brings up trust issues, she is only acting up to fool you just to secure something valuable to her and not the relationship.

13. You feel like an option: As a man, you should never feel like an option in a relationship, you should always be the priority. But the moment you feel like an option it shows that you have indirectly or directly somehow sold your right out. A woman will always see you as an option when she has given up on a relationship.

Learn to stop being an option, being an option in a relationship will only make you less important and authoritative.

14. She becomes authoritative: Since you are an option to her. She starts acting up to be authoritative because she has nothing to lose. When a woman give up on a relationship she becomes more authoritative than usual.

15. Less concern about your wellness: Who cares about something that is worthless? I bet no one will. When a woman give up on a relationship she becomes less concerned about your wellness.

16. Give you less attention: When she is no more concerned about your wellbeing, giving you the attention you deserve will never happen. When a woman give up on you she completely stops giving you attention.

17. Your opinion doesn’t count: Women are meant to be respectful and committed to their man, but when a woman give up on a relationship, your opinion as your man will never count, she will not listen.

18. Take you less seriously: Don’t waste your time in a relationship where you are not valued or taken less seriously. Move on with your life if necessary and do not let anyone toy with your emotions because you are in love. You are a man and a man will always have a sense of survival even in a dead relationship.

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