Hymen means pride of a woman, a sign of virginity.

What Hymen Means To Your Relationship

Standing on your ground to remain a virgin is one thing that surely pays off in a relationship. It means you know what hymen means, but if you do not, here are the values of not breaking the hymen.

In a relationship, so many things go on in the mind of lovers that many could not really share to the public or to their loved ones.

Hymen means pride of a woman, a sign of virginity.

From how the hymen get broken and who they lose virginity to, to other concerns of how life has been unfair after getting to know what hymen means to a relationship.

Many relationships could not survive after the hymen has been broken, this makes most ladies wonder why this happens, after so many promises from their lovers.

Well, many ladies lose their virginity cheaply to a man who do not know what the hymen means or it values.

Know wonder they say, you will not know the value of a thing until you lose it. This should not be a thing of surprise but more of concern to ladies who have lost their hymen to the wrong man.

Men can be full of pretence when they want something from a woman, they act like a baby, you can even call them fools, names and they will never get bothered about it.

This is simply because they haven’t gotten what they want from you. Their targets are young teen girls who do not know the meaning of hymen and how important it is to keep their virginity.

What Hymen Means?

Hymen means a sign of virginity, a thin piece of mucosal tissue covering the entrance of the vaginal. Hymen is a woman’s pride.

What Hymen Means To Relationship?

The moment its broken, it is a sign that you are a virgin. Meaning you have been responsible, a woman of respect and value to be cherished and loved.

A man who finds a virgin as a love does so well to cherish them because it is like finding a diamond among stones.

Virginity Means Pride

Just as virginity, hymen means pride of a woman, it is what a man takes note of and also determines how a lady should be treated.

Take note of this fact. When a man sees or confirms that you are a virgin, that is’t broken, he does so much to love you, respect and cherish you more.

This is why it is important to keep your virginity as long as marriage, giving your virginity out cheaply, especially to a man who does not deserve it has its consequences on your relationship. There are great consequences attached to losing your virginity.

Don’t be easily influenced by social or peer pressure, to cheaply lose your virginity. When it is broken, it can never be recovered, even if you use artificial methods.

Also, the loss of your virginity gives room to more heartbreaks as men see less value in you, simply because you have lost your pride by not knowing what hymen means to a relationship.



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