It is not a must to set freaky relationship goals but always a necessity.

Freaky Relationship Goals To Start

If you have missed out from your past relationship or feel your present relationship lacks vibe or fun, then it is time to act dirty, crazy with vibe by setting up a freaky relationship goal.

It is not a must to set freaky relationship goals but always a necessity.

Every relationship needs a bit of a freaky relationship goal but not every relationship can keep up.

This simply means, it is not a must to set freaky relationship goals but always a necessity.

What Freaky Relationship Goals mean

Freaky relationship goals are wild expectations. An experience filled with nothing but vibe.

Have you ever met a lover who gives you vibes, a fun person to be with, that person you see that always makes you feel alive and happier especially when you are around them?

Doing crazy, dirty but meaningful things in a relationship is the meaning of a very odd relationship.

Freaky relationships mean vibe relationships. A relationship completely full of life, happiness and fun while doing very odd and strange things.


Why You Need To B A Bit Odd 

It’s time from being every day serious with relationships to having freaky relationship goals.

At times we pay little or no attention to those minor things that help a relationship, rather we focus on the serious things which sometimes help a relationship but not all the time.

We forget that those things that seem less important are the crucial things many shaky relationships lack. 

Why will you be in a always serious relationship when you can do crazy and dirty things as partners and at the same time have a healthy relationship and even better one than other people out there.

I have taken time to observe several relationships, courtship and most especially marriage. Many couples lose the vibes in their relationship the moment they get married.

They believe that is the end of fun time, and better take life very seriously. Ignoring that freaky relationship spices up feelings.

Many people come to the conclusion that a very odd relationship isn’t healthy to get a relationship going.

They have this mindset that very odd relationships are for dirty minded people. 

Some say freaky relationships are for the unserious and flirt. 

The most wow thing about people who condemn freaky things in a relationship are those who end up with a sudden or unprepared broken heart.

Take it or leave it, no matter how serious, bossy, disciplined, psyhco, or principled your partner may be, if he or she can not have a very odd relationship with you, then be prepared for a showdown.

However, take note of this; not everyone can engage in freaky things, some are naturally not the type, most especially ‘introverts’ as many aren’t sociable, they keep to themselves and find it hard to get along in a relationship and outside of relationships.

If you are an extrovert dating an introvert who can not flow with a very odd relationship, you can find ways to keep up with each other or carry yourself along.

Failure to do this will eventually land you in a boring, dry relationship because it lacks vibe, fun,  suspense and entertainment. 

A relationship without doing freaky things is nothing but a dead end.

Examples of a freaky relationship goals are:

Surprising your partner with something they never expect.

Pampering your lover like a baby is a freaky relationship.

Letting your lady act like your mother while you joke around it.

Having a tight cuddle all the time even when it’s not cold.

Talking dirty about your sex experience with each other while in bed.

Doing sexting on the phone while away from each other.

Going for vacation alone with your partner in weird places.

Go for an unexpected or planned excursion.

Freaky Relationship Goal To Set

1. Practice Intimacy: The best way to start a freaky relationship is for both partners to see themselves as mates. You should be able to see your partner and let your partner see you as a best friend, brother or sister, parent and not as a god. Many relationships practice master and slave relationships which eventually lead to nowhere.

2. Gender equality: The best thing about a freaky relationship is that both partners see themselves genderly equally.

3. Stay wild: Freaky relationships are always dirty. It’s like two weird people falling in love and doing crazy things.

4. Practice Sexting: Talking completely dirty on chat or call, text or chat is a thing to keep in mind for a freaky relationship.

5. Pampering your lover: Start a freaky relationship by knowing how to pamper your lover. Indulge your partner’s attention, comfort, and kindness. spoil your relationship with fun, vibe and very odd surprising things.

6. Surprises: Suprise make you invisible, unpredictable, unexposed but still bring out the vibes as a freaky relationship goal. Everybody loves surprises and suspense, making your partner feel loved by starting up freaky.

7. Play pranks: This is just the opposite of surprise or similar in whatever way you see it. Come out unaware, unexpected. Playing funny pranks is a very odd relationship goal.

8. Intentional Frustration: You should have heard many people say they miss someone because they can be frustrating, stubborn or hard to handle. Many ladies love men with this kind of attitude. It’s always lively to be around them. There is no other reason why ladies love this than because it gives them the attention they need.

9. Behave childish: While women love unpredictable men and sometimes men who can disturb a lot. Some men who love freaky relationships love ladies who they can pamper.

The Best Odd Relationship Goal 

The ultimate goal of a freaky relationship is attention and memories derived from the very odd moment shared together.


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