10 Signs He’s Never Going to Marry You

Men are most times unpredictable, their moves are best known to them. And if you wonder if he is going to marry you, the best answer should not be from his words but rather his actions, here is what you should know.

Why not focus on making yourself a good partner, then wait to see if he's never going to marry you.

Many ladies out there end up wasting their time on men who are not even interested and never willing to marry them.

Due to the fact that women are likely not to pay attention to actions but rather stick to a man’s words. 

Though words are powerful but not when it comes to decision making in a relationship.

You can make up a thousand words but not take a single action. This, many ladies fail to know. ‘A single action is stronger than a thousand words or promises’.

Let’s take a look at making a promise in a relationship. You see, promises are just words that can be altered at any time but actions aren’t. 

The moment you see a man take action, it means he has made up his mind towards what he chooses to do.

So how do you know your man is never going to marry you? 

Knowing if he is never going to get married to you might look very complicated or hard to know, but it is quite simple to know if he truly wants you or not, only if you pay attention to details.

Before going into signs that show if he’s ready or never going to marry you. It is important to know if you are in the best position to be the right person for the one you chose to love, that he may have no other choice except marrying you.

If a man truly loves a woman, he does everything in his capacity to make things work. He makes you his priority. 

When it seems your man has better options, he only makes you less important or uses you to his advantage, he uses you to pass time, as he makes plans for another lady he prefers. Know how to stop being an option in a relationship if you feel uncomfortable, unhappy in your relationship.


Signs He’s Never Going To Marry You

1. Monitor his action: This will help you greatly to understand the kind of person he is and what his next move will be. I have always said, 

‘Relationship is not a place to have fun or cruise, it is a place of learning and responsibility‘. 

His action towards you speaks a lot about if he is never going to marry you. For instance, If he is always ash, frustrated and unhappy or unwilling to see you, then there is a problem.

2. He won’t involve you in plans: If he is never going to marry you, he will never add you to his plan no matter how coupled you are.

3. He keeps his future private: If he hides his future plans from you, then there is a problem. The assurance of getting married to you is uncertain. 

4. He changed completely after sex: If he promise you heaven and earth before sex but changed completely after you had sex, then there is a problem. Here is how losing your virginity can contribute to a continuous relationship failure, especially losing it to a man who doesn’t deserve it. 

5. He belittles you among his friends: Men know who is truly for them. They are always proud of that woman they love, they can easily show off and boost of their woman in public and among friends. If your man does the opposite of this, it is a sign he is never going to marry you.

6. He praises some random ladies: Watch out for men who praise random or specific ladies and not give you that high praise. He is likely to be a fling who knows what he is going but chooses to waste your time and give you false hope.

7. He refuses to see your parents: If he is willing and ready to marry you, he will go ahead to see your family without you pushing for it. If you push for it but give irrelevant excuses, it means there is a problem.

8. He sees you as a liability: Men run from liability because they aren’t finished solving their own problems. So, why should he then marry a liability? 

Before a responsible man chooses who he will get married to, he carefully checks out what quality value a woman possesses that can contribute to the wellbeing of the relationship. If he finds none, he’s never going to marry you. 

9. You don’t know his family yet: Coming to see your family is one thing, taking you to his family is another. If he is not ready for marriage, he will never present you to his family. 

However, don’t forget the fact that presenting you to his family is a sign he will get married to you, it is not. But can only bring more confidence or guarantee of a successful relationship.

10. He can’t apologise: If he can’t apologise for an offense he did or didn’t commit, it’s a sign he doesn’t love you and he’s never going to marry you. If he can apologise he is willing to lose you.

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