Sex isn't enough to satisfy your spouse. learn to be considerate about other things.

How To Satisfy Your Spouse In a Sensational Way

There is no better person to satisfy if not your spouse. Satisfying your job or anyone else over your spouse is not ideal for a healthy relationship.


How to satisfy your spouse Sex isn't enough to satisfy your spouse. learn to  be considerate about other things.


Can Your spouse Be Satisfied?

The truth remains, you can not satisfy anyone. So far we are human, the hunger, desire and drive to get more will never make a person reach its peak of contentment which makes human satisfaction considered impossible.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t people who can’t be satisfied with the little they have. Just only few persons can stay content with what they have, and not that their heart does not desire for more but because they disciplined themselves to be contented.


Satisfying your spouse in Bed

Keep in mind; when satisfying your spouse, try to do so in a sensational way that your partner may feel completely lost in love so they could appreciate you during that pleasurable moment.

Get your spouse lost in the cloud 9, let her or him remember past memories which you have both shared together. When trying to satisfy your spouse. make sure you keep your issues aside, your personal problems should be forgotten, only focus on the pleasure you want to derive.

You should at this point keep in mind that your spouse’s satisfaction should be your utmost priority, this helps keep a good and healthy relationship.

Take note of the creaming, maybe it is a frog sound, duck sound or whatever sound your spouse should make during this sensational pleasurable time.

This should make you understand the position your spouse loves most, could be a missionary, corkscrew, face-off, pretzel Dip, flatiron, G-whiz,, Cowgirl’s helper, leapfrog, stand and deliver, magic mountain, Reverse cowgirl, doggy or even wheelbarrow.

Some of these names may sound strange to you; if it is, then you have to know these are sex positions for couples, these are some of the styles you have to try with your partner in bed if you truly want to satisfy your spouse.


Sex Do Not Guaranty Satisfaction

Nevertheless, all the sex and sex position aren’t a guaranty that your spouse is satisfied, you need other qualification to stand out.

So many marriages have been broken and ruined due to couples’ ignorance about certain things that make marriage healthy. Many couples do not know that there are basically over 20 things that ruin marriage quicker, while they focus on some other things hoping it is the major challenge.


Sensational Way To Satisfy Your Spouse

1. Make sex pleasurable with spouse: If you think sex is less important in marriage then you are getting it wrong. So many couples believe that the moment they settle down in marriage they have no reason or expect sex to be as much or pleasurable as it use to be in courtship. Ignoring the fact that sex is something that bond couples together by blood and flesh.

Do not in anyway deny your parents of sex or think sex should be limited or deny your spouse of sexual pleasure, only do this based on agreement.

Don’t change the routing, instead increase sex duration if you know your spouse isn’t satisfied enough, make it short and more pleasurable that your spouse should feel your activities.

2. Adapt with spouse: Do not be amused by sudden change in your spouse. It is normal for people to change because change is constant.

This will happen in relationships and marriages. It is best to prepare your mind for these changes over time. The inability to adapt has a great consequence on your marriage.

You should always remember you are not from the same family, and you do not grow up under the same roof, so it is possible to see great or slight changes in your partner’s behaviour, wants, needs, physical appearances, mood of attraction and many more.

Accepting your spouse the way they are is a way to satisfy him/her, but that do not say you should not give suggestions or opinions if you aren’t satisfied with their change either.

3. Submit to spouse: Give respect to your spouse when due, be loyal and humble. This should not apply to a woman alone but both couples. There is no default in a man submitting to a woman at some point. Submission is a way to satisfy your spouse.

4. Create intimacy with spouse: There is no gain in master and slave marriage or relationship. Your spouse should be your best friend, you should see your spouse not as a god but a father or mother. Creating intimacy in marriage is a way to satisfy your spouse, it makes them comfortable.

5. Share with spouse: If you have a give without her asking, if you do have as a woman give to your husband even if he does not ask. There is love in sharing which directly is a way to show how satisfied you are.

 6. Communicate with spouse: If your spouse can not freely communicate with you, then it shows that he/she isn’t satisfied with you. Communication is key in marriage, a good talk shield relationship.

7. Financially buoyant: Truth be told, do not buy the idea of settling down without having a reasonable income from not just one angel but from different sources. You can not satisfy your spouse if you do not have money.

8. Don’t pretend to spouse: Pretending to live a life not for you is a complete waste of time, you will surely have issues as soon as you are exposed. Do not live a fake life because you want to impress your woman.

This happens mostly before marriage, a man can go as far as borrowing a lot he can not afford just to impress a woman till they get married, at the end, everything will start to expose and you are doomed. This also applies to women who choose to impress a man by living a fake life.

9. Appreciate your spouse: There is no one who does not like to be appreciated or commended, even children love it. Appreciate your wife or husband  even if they aren’t doing so well as you expected. This gives them reasons to press harder for better results.

10. Don’t force your spouse: No matter how hard or what you do. Do not make attempt to focus your spouse doing something especially sex. Give your spouse space when they say they are tired or not ready. Give them space at other things as well as work and other things.


How To Satisfy Your Spouse

To satisfy your spouse, make your spouse your right hand person, be considerate and make sex pleasurable for each other to make your spouse satisfied.

You must in every way understand one another sacrifices, be considerate and make sex pleasurable for each other to satisfy your spouse


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