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5 Strange Things Happens When Deny Spouse of Sex

There are times our body won’t call for sex, and other times natural tiredness may arise that can make couples deny each other of sex. If you have in some ways experience this, here are the strange things that happens in marriage when you deny spouse of sex. 

To deny spouse of sex is like shooting yourself by the leg, sex denial ruin marriage.L


Deny Spouse Of Sex Isn’t Best Option

Sex is part of relationship, a connection that bonds couples together, this is the only way couples can bear children, if they do not want to try other means like artificial insemination, the process of injecting male sperm into a woman without sexual intercourse.


The Importance Of Sex As Couples


That is the case of child bearing, however, this isn’t our focus. Couples should keep in mind that sex has a very high role to play in marriage. It is one of many other things that keeps a healthy marriage.

Couples need to understand the extremes of a spouse’s sexual level. Perhaps your spouse could be someone with a high libido which constantly makes them demand for more or increase their sex life.

Couples also need to keep in mind that there are different levels at which the body system changes from individual to individual persons. Just because you are not a sex type or do not like sex does not means your parent does not and vice versa.

And because spouse demand for sex is extremely high does not means you should run away or ignore, neither should you accept the ideology of consistent sex without rest or not considering your health.

Couples should understand that keeping a good health is important, even if research clams that regular sex helps keep a balanced health.



What Happens When You Deny Spouse Of Sex 

You just shoot yourself at the leg: Denying your spouse of sex is like shooting yourself by doing this, you have just made your spouse feel you aren’t competent enough to be married too. It immediately and indirectly makes them insecure, this can gradually make your spouse lose the trust he/she has in you.

You stock in dark: The moment you deny spouse of sex, trust issues are likely to surface in marriage, both partners will then start to live a secret life after denying themselves of sex.

Devil has a chance:  When you deny your spouse of sex, keep in mind that you have given devil the chance over your marriage. There should no reason for sex denial if not agree upon by both parties.

No more a priority: Without concrete considerable reason, you should not deny your spouse of sex. The moment you do, you have in some ways indirectly denied your partner of their right which makes you less a priority in marriage.

You ruin everything in seconds: Denying spouse of sex can turn a marriage into a complete disaster in spilt seconds. Denying a spouse of pleasure when they need it the most is very dangerous.

Spouse can kill you: Do not try to bring out the devil in your partner because you want to in some ways satisfy yourself over your partner or you think it is a way to serve as punishment. Sex denier can turn spouse into a cheat, resulting into extra marital affairs.

The most dangerous part of all is when spouses find greater satisfaction in the person they have an extra marital affair with. Temptation can make him/her have bad thoughts about you and even think of attempting to take your life.



How To Satisfy Your Spouse Sexually

If your partner has a higher libido than you do, make sure you find all means to satisfy your spouse sexually to avoid stories that touch.

Now we are left with the question. How do you avoid denying spouse of sex and satisfy your spouse sexual? Denying your spouse of sex will never in anyways solve sexual barrier in marriage only if you want strange things to happen which you may not like.

To avoid depriving spouse of sex is to encourage your spouse to understand where the weakness lies and find ways to strengthen it.


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