It's not worth doing what you aren't proud of, stop masturbation addiction

How To Stop Masturbation Addiction And Fantasizing

If you think of the right time to stop masturbation addiction, it is now. Masturbation needs to be stopped at its early stage, as it will be more difficult to overcome fantasizing when it becomes an addiction. 

It's not worth doing what you aren't proud of, stop masturbation addiction


Anyone can engage in the act of masturbating, if they permit their mind to trick  them to believe that masturbating is pleasant.


Why People Masturbate

However, there are many reasons why people masturbate, the reasons are either based on self beliefs and ideology.


Masturbation Beliefs

In terms of belief, people who masturbate in this sphere do so because they believe there is nothing wrong in masturbating. They count it as a normal way of life and stick to it.


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Ideology In Masturbating

The ideologies believe that masturbation is a way to find alternatives to sexual pleasure, kill sexual urge, and make pleasure with oneself by self touching and fantasizing over someone.

Other people on this category engage in masturbation because they are most likely not sexually satisfied with their partner due to high libido or sex drive or incompetency of their partners sex life. You should know that failure to improve sex duration could make your partner end up masturbating.


Masturbation; A Pain Killer

Just like so many beliefs in drink, smoke and hard drugs kills or hiss pain of a troubled person, so as people who masturbate believe masturbation heals, while others use this to pass away time.


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How Masturbation Becomes An Addiction

 We have seen the beliefs and ideologies of people about masturbation. In some ways, many people who engage in masturbating do not know it will become an addiction.

 Something to take note of is that things done repeatedly or twice or more times to gain pleasure, gradually becomes a part of us which later grows to become an addiction.

When masturbation becomes an addiction it is always a difficult thing to stop, as it will become part of you and not willing to leave


How To Overcome Masturbation Addiction

1.  Admit masturbation is wrong: To stop masturbation is to zero your  mind that what you are actually doing is wrong. It is wrong in the sense that it is not presentable to the public, even your spouse may not like you doing so in their presence or when you get caught in the act. –

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It’s not worth doing what you aren’t proud of, stop masturbation.

2. Give it time: Now that you have admitted that masturbation is wrong and not the right way to go, it is important to give it time to leave you. Do not rush to stop masturbation addiction as it could get worse. –


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It should take at least half of the time you use in engaging in masturbating to stop masturbation. 

3. Train your mind: Your mind is the most powerful tool to put a stop to masturbation addiction. The moment your mind pictures this is wrong and harmful, it will be easier to get over masturbating. –


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The upper advantage you have using your mind to stop masturbating is that, the moment when the mind gets a picture of something to be bad, it gets easily irritated, which will immediately put a stop to addiction.

4. Stay around people: In addition to other things that stop masturbation addiction is by staying around people. This will not give you the chance not to fantasize about someone because you will be shy. –

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When using this trick, make sure not to leave the gathering anytime you feel like masturbating.

5. Get busy: This has worked for so many people and it could as well work for you to stop masturbation addiction. Do you remember the saying ‘An idle hand is the devil’s shop’. Why you find it hard to get over masturbation addiction is because you are not occupied with activities. –

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It will tempt you, but do not give it space nor time, get busy and always find something to do to fill up this time that you should be exhausted and tired to do nothing than to sleep. Do this for at least a month or two and you will see that masturbation addiction can be stopped


What It Take To Stop Masturbation Addiction

Putting an end to masturbation needs time, the process you started masturbating is the same way you stop masturbation addiction. Give it time while you train your mind to accept masturbating is wrong, stay around people and get busy always.

Many people who became an addict didn’t weren’t occupied or busy enough, while their beliefs were too shallow and the mind was too rigid to correct their negative thoughts and beliefs until it became part of them.


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