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How Losing Your Virginity Can Ruin Relationship

Sex has lost it’s value, same has losing your virginity is more or less a virtue many women do not consider as pride these days. 

losing your virginity means losing your pride, when the hymen is broken it directly poses a threat to you and your relationship.

Virginity is pride, losing your virginity means losing your pride, when the hymen is broken it directly poses a threat to you and your relationship.


Parent Restriction Over Children Virginity Loss

Even the protective parents who monitor their children, would see that this isn’t enough to help a child against losing their virginity. Many parents use the harsh method to restrict children, which does not directly yield a positive result these days.

Making a child adhere to your instruction as a parent is to sincerely ask yourself how much can your child tell you about their personal affairs. Can they really confide in you, are you both intimate, can they call you their best friend?

If parents miss these things, it means they have mixed it all up, as other means to curtail the loss of virginity will never cease to increase.

You may not believe this but according to research just 25percent of both male and female have not had sex at the age of 20. That means 75percent of young adults lost their virginity at age 20. This is a pain in the ass, I must confess.

What people fail to understand is that, the higher the loss in virginity, makes it more difficult to find true love.

A major problem among other problems why true love is hard to find is the uncontrollable loss in virginity, the trend of loss in virginity will continue as well as finding true love will be more difficult.


How Losing Your Virginity Will Cost Your Relationship

Losing your virginity will cost you lots and lots of heartbreaks, the worst of it all is to let someone who does not deserve it break your hymen, the memory is a lifetime pain in the ass.

1. Trust issue: Just forget the trust when virginity is gone, having trust issues means half of the relationship value is gone. Though, some men do not see anything bad in not being a virgin. Nevertheless, do not try telling a man who is still a virgin that you have lost your virginity as a woman. It is a negative sign of mistrust.

2. Insecurity: Even a flirt will never feel secure with a woman who has lost her pride., beside that, he will feel you are unpredictable and may never be satisfied. Think of it this way, if a flirt can think as smart as this, then expect a responsible man who wants the best in marriage to think twice.

3. Lose of confidence: The effect of losing your virginity can go as far as making you lose confidence in yourself, as well as your partner losing confidence in you. This automatically makes your lover develop a mindset that nothing is assured.

4. Higher demand for sex: When most men know you have lost your virginity, they by all means seize the opportunity and try to take advantage of you by higher demand for sex.

5. Make you cheap: Losing your virginity makes you cheap, this is because you have lost your pride not being a virgin. They will believe you are a flirt that will accept any man that comes by.

6. Make you different: There is a particular way people see a virgin, perhaps like an angel, a divine being or special. Only a virgin can relate, but I am sure everyone of us once had this experience or still have.

Either by chance, by accident or on purpose have you lost your virginity as a woman. It is only you that knows the truth about how you lost it because no one will believe you.

People care less about how your virginity got lost, rather, they care more about themselves and the ultimate good they would benefit from you. People who care less about lost virginity, care more about themselves because they aren’t no virgin.


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