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7 Ways To Improve Sex Life That Works

Sex is for pleasure and not a way to prove to a woman or man that are strong enough. Until you admit that sex is just for pleasure, only then you can improve sex life.

How to improve sex life


Having a short duration on sex shouldn’t be worrisome but not being able to satisfy your partner should be a major concern.


Marriages and relationships are being broken just because couples experience sexual differences. Where a partner is so much love sex and addicted to sex life the other man have not and vise versa.


High urge in sex in women is as a result of high libido, it takes a man who can control himself and has done well to improve sex life to handle such woman with high sex urge.


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Though there are different ways to improve sex life on and off the internet but here is a way to improve sex life that actually works if you do some or all of this tricks.


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1. Use a condom: The reason why it is important to use a condom when having a sex is to first protect yourself from STD which means sexually transmitted diseases.


However, the use of condom on the other way round can help improve sex life performance, reason being that the condom protects the cap of the penis which is the sensitive part that leads to premature ejaculation. Using a condom can give a boost and make you last much longer.


2. Take away anxiety: Some men are naturally good in bed but they aren’t aware of this just because of anxiety. This is just an emotional disorderliness that makes you think you are a failure without you being one, anxiety create fear in you and make you worry to think that you can never do better in sex. To improve sex life is to first overcome anxiety.


3. Don’t sex to impress: So many people failed to last long in bed because they want to impress their partner. What they fail to understand is that before you can impress anyone, you must first impress yourself. Impressing your partner will not enhance your sex life but diminish it.


4. Practise self control: When having sex, the sensation when having sex will always want you to cum, this is a mental war you have to learn to overcome. The more you are in control of yourself the better chance you have to improve sex life.


The best way to be in control of yourself is to take your mind almost completely away from what you are doing


5. Continually change in sex position: One secret about sex that remains unknown to an average person is that there are sex positions that will make you cum no matter how hard you avoid it or how strong you think you are. These sex position are the once that interest you the most and gives you more pleasure. To improve sex life is to continually change sex positions of this kind.


6. Be in charge: To win over something is to learn to be in charge or in control of it. Do not let your  partner dictate for you, it is your duty to know what is best to do when it comes to sex.


7. Take a break: What about pulling out and having some more foreplay for a few minutes and then continue, you should give it a try. Pulling out when you feel you are about to cum can make a great difference in improving sex life.

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