Relationship without sex, how to survive sexless
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Relationship without Sex: How To Survive A Sexless Relationship

If you think of how a to survive a relationship without sex, then you need to consider how long is too long without sex in a relationship. So, how do we achieve this?


Relationship without sex, how to survive sexless


Balancing Your Personal Interest Against Your Loved Ones


Since everyone is running a race of survival, we somehow run after our own personal interest while sidelining others, these may include our loved ones.


To be sincere with ourselves, our biggest goal in life is to be happy, but the irony of happiness is that it comes with a price. Though, happiness is free but has its consequence on the people we love.


Relationship without sex, how to survive sexless


If we truly want to start happy, we must in some ways have to hurt others, either intentionally, out of ignorance, consciously or not.


I have always said it and I will say it again in this post. If you want to enjoy your relationship make sure you find all means to stay happy. The moment you aren’t happy then your relationship is born to fail.


However, our interest in a relationship can be very different from our partner’s. which one of them is you wishing to have long lasting relationship without sex.


You Have Taken A Bold Step To Think Of A Sexless Relationship


Having this kind of mindset is a very remarkable way to start a good relationship and I commend you for such thought. But the world has taken a great different shape that most relationships can not survive without sex.


Even when you found the one you love, and at the inception of the relationship, you both agree on making your relationship last without sex.


Your words may take it stand just for a period of time. It mostly happen that, at the time you are getting deeply along and enjoying the pleasant time in your relationship with the hope that you truly found a life partner, that is when he/she calls for sex without considering the agreement you both made at the initial stage of the relationship.


This is saddening, frustrating, confusing and mind disturbing. This time you fail to know what to do next. Then suddenly… Game Over.


But it is not over. I have some tips on how to make a relationship last long  because I have being in that shoes before and I have seen so many experiences of such.


If you have been or you are presently in such a relationship that could not last long without having sexual affair and you hope for a solution then here is what to do next.


The first question we should treat on how to survive a relationship without sex is to how long is too long without sex in a relationship.




The answer to this is not only your decision to make on how long is too long without sex. You have to consider yours and your partners’ opinion as well.


Sexless Relationship Work Best In A Distance Relationship


Surviving a relationship without sex can take between first date, up to 3 months to few years. Relationship without sex most work well in a long distance relationship. But have in mind that the moment you get to meet each other, there is a high chance to have a sexual affair.


Take not of this


It is only when, you have a great value to offer a relationship, and when your partner sense a good quality of a good woman or man to marry in you, that your partner may have not choice but to consider keeping a relationship without sex for a very long time.


What Happens If There’s No Sex In a Relationship


Nothing should happen if there’s no sex in a relationship, so far as both partner has something valuable to offer each other. With the mind that if anything goes wrong, it should affect their entire lives. There are great valuable things you can offer in a relationship that could keep your partner to stay for as long as you like.



Can a Relationship Survive Without Sex


If you are really want to know if a relationship can survive without sex, then YES, a relationship can survive without sex, if your partner sees great qualities and value in you, that they are scare to loss or may not find that quality in anyone else. If your partner do not see reasons to keep you without sex in a relationship, then such relationship is vulnerable to failure.


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