Signs of oppression in marriage, meaning and how to avoid

11 Signs And Meaning of Oppressions In Marriage

What it means to be oppressed in marriage means a lot, as it can easily ruin a relationship built in years. It is better to take note of these signs of oppression in marriage.

Signs of oppression in marriage, meaning and how to avoid

Things are not meant to be perfect in marriage because issues are inevitable, however there are issues in marriage that need to be addressed before things get out of hands.

Sometimes, couples are not aware of their challenges in marriage until it hurts them hard. Individual difference plays a major role in a successful marriage but paying little or no attention, being negligent to partners needs and failure to understand partner behaviour can indeed ruin a marriage unconsciously.

The State Of Oppression In Marriage

In fact, you could be an oppressor to your spouse and you may not be aware of it, or your spouse may be an oppressor to you but may not be intentional. This is why couples need to know the signs of oppression in marriage before it ruins a relationship.

What is Oppression in Marriage

Oppression in marriage is an act of denial, exercise of authority, restriction, belittle , making your spouse look inferior to you. Making a partner feel unhappy while you derive pleasure in their unhappiness.

Effect of Oppression In Marriage

Oppression could lead to lack of trust flow in relationship, insecurity, cheating and unfaithfulness in marriage, keeping secrets and longing for privacy in marriage. A spouse who has been oppressed will always feel lonely, intimidated, irritated, irrelevant in a relationship.

Oppression in marriage is the start of depression, a close step to early grave, if failed to get over it as soon as possible.

Reason For Why You Are Being Oppressed

There are various reasons why you can be oppressed in marriage, these reasons can be deliberate or in deliberate, the most important thing  to know what oppression means and the signs of oppression in marriage.

Partner may be frustrated by the relationship but do not know how to call for a breakup.

It might be that you have previously done something wrong intentionally or unintentionally which may have hurt your spouse which he/she is starting to use against you.

It is natural for a man to be more financially buoyant than a man, but if things go the other way round it could lead to oppression from both partners.

Individual differences in appearance, intelligence, beauty, character, behaviour could lead to oppression in marriage.

Signs You Are Being Oppressed In Marriage

From the reasons stated above, we can logically deduce a lot of reasons, and what it means to be oppressed. Haven gained this knowledge, there are some major signs to look out for, to know if you are being oppressed in marriage.

1. Dominance and Authority: These two things are very common in relationships, especially in men but worse in primitive men. Men of this caliber build their belief on the old mentality, that men are not in any way equal, that women do not have equal rights as men. People who think this way or have this old mindset can easily frustrate women, which is a major sign of oppression in marriage. Trying to be dominant in a relationship without taken note of dominate control posses a negative effect.


2. Inferiority complex: A relationship where you don’t feel supportive, respected, appreciated, acknowledged, where your spouse looks superior to you and you feel you do not meet up your spouse standard are signs of oppression in marriage.

3. Acting on your weakness: It is natural for couples to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these things isn’t to use it against one another but a way to shield relationships, understand each other better and be protective in securing your marriage by standing side to side against intruders, but the moment your weakness is used against you by your spouse, are signs of oppression in marriage.

4. Selfishness: Being selfish is one of those signs of oppression in marriage. You shouldn’t be with a partner who cares more about him/herself alone. There should be a form of balance in everything. Moreover, you aren’t in  a slave and master relationship so why act selfish.

5. Loneliness: The moment you start feeling lonely when your spouse isn’t; not that your partner is away but you guys are so much available yet feels lonely, despite his/her availability. Keeping to yourself, not being free to express oneself, lack of constant communication are signs you are being oppressed in marriage.

6. Feeling less Important: When it has gotten to the stage where you feel you are not important or valuable in a relationship, then there is a problem. The moment when you fail not to believe in yourself any more is one of the signs you are being oppressed in marriage.

7. Taken for granted: No regard, no respect, no value for your spouse? Then you are being oppressed. The moment when you feel the above strange behaviour in your relationship, it means you are being taken for granted which is bad and also signs of oppression in marriage.

8. Partner is proven smart: No matter what the situation, your spouse shouldn’t prove smart to you. No man is an island, we learn everyday, proven smart on you does not show signs of a good relationship but signs of oppression in marriage.

9. Material power: The moment your spouse begins to act upon what they have against you, be it money, wealth or fame are signs of oppression which you have to take note of. Material things are things of the world, it doesn’t last but true affections does last for a lifetime.

10. Your words do not count: When a spouse occasionally starts to ignore your words, and feels it is irrelevant or does not have any positive value to the situation  is one of the signs of oppression in marriage.

11. You feel insecure: This could result in lack of trust and unfaithfulness in marriage. Feeling insecure in a relationship isn’t healthy and could ruin a relationship in no time.

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