How To Cope and Avoid Sexual Harassment And Assault

Avoid Sexual Harassment

Being harassed sexually is one of the greatest assaults which has been a problem in the society for a long time, 

Being publicly harassed or privately assaulted is an embarrassment which has led many people to shame and depression, and could even go as far as result as death when brutally assaulted.


It could be hardly and surprising to believe that sexual harassment start among children even less that 9 both male and female children. 

This should not be a surprise for people who have been in one way or the other way sexually harassed.


On average, there are 433,648 victim age 12 or older of rape and sexual assault each year in the United State


Some people are mainly the cause of their being sexually harassed, as they neglect the code of moral conduct of the social as their negligence expose them to become a target to being sexually assaulted.



Corrections To The Solution Of Being Sexually Assaulted


1. Dressing: The way you are dressed is the way you will be addressed. Your dressing determines how people picture you and the kind of person you will be.


To cope with sexual harassment needs proper dressing. Just because certain styles of fashion trends do not mean you should dress exposed and half naked, if you dress like a prostitute, people will address you as one. Fashion trends are mostly meant for celebrities and not everyone.


2. Decency: has so much to do with how people approach things, how they present themselves to the public, through speech and how you communicate with people. If you are loosed in speech and being too naughty, it could easy lead to sexual harassment.


3. Body language: There are body signs that could call people to get sexually attractive to you even without calling for their attention. Most for ladies who walk in a sexy way, or are always sensitive and super sensitive to touch, this could easy lead to sexual harassment.


4. Level of attractiveness: How much do you get attracted to by people, be it with your look, your mood of dressing, your physical appearance and more, decency goes a long way in avoiding being sexually harassed.


5. Less attention to public: Anyone who find pleasure in seeking and gaining public attention will in someways become a victim of sexual harassment. Giving less attention to what the public say about you may be through hip, praise of beauty without being secure becomes prone to sexual assault.



6. Self self esteem: Overcoming low self esteem by building self confidence against once being sexually assaulted. Being less confidence about oneself at the place of work, in society, public or social gathering, among peer groups, in a family, among friends could easily lead, sexual harassment.





How To Cope With Sexual Harassment


To avoid being sexually harassed starts by taking corrections to solve the problem of being sexually assaulted. A person who can do well to avoid public or private embarrassment can cope with sexual harassment.


To cope with sexual harassment needs to 1. deal with decency 2. mode of dressing, 3. body language, 4. level of attractiveness 5. less attention to the public 6. overcoming low self esteem.



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