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How To Stop Being So Sexually Active In Men and Women

Stop Being So Sexually Active 

The huge for sex is a thing that can not be taken away from a man life, even those who are impotent feels sexually active because their penis does not erect and not being able to ejaculate.

Put an end to sexual drive

Differences In Sexual Drive

 It is believed some 20million men in the United State alone suffer from the inability to perform sexually as a man. Kidney explain the cause of impotence in men and possible ways to treat it.
Menshealthforum stated different experiences to reasons why men ejaculate too fast. Where men respond with questions and answers to help resolve the problem of premature ejaculation in men.
While some men suffer from impotence, there are others who face the problem of delay in ejaculation.
Delay in ejaculation can be temporary or a lifelong problem, possible cause may include certain chronic health conditions, surgeries and medications, treatment for delay in ejaculation can be underlying cause NCH healthcare system stated.

Danger in Being sexually active

Being sexually active is a problem for men but being too sexually active is. In fact the huge for high sexual drive has led to more problems than the pleasure men derive.
So many men have been suspect of rape and murder due to the high sexually hormones systems which fails to be controlled.
Victim of sexual violence statistics, Age 12- 34 are the highest risk years for rape and sexual assaults, in 1998, 2.78 million men in the United State had been victims of attempted or completed rape. – Rainn
South Africa, have 500,000 rapes per year, China having 31,833 rape per year, Egypt having more than 200,000 rape per year, United Kingdom at 85,000 rape per year. Every other countries in the world are include according to Wikipedia

To put a stop to being so sexually active

It requires reduction of sex huge, taking away toxic, negative mindset, reaction, anxiety, emotional disorderliness and setting aside things that could compromise and complicate mind by making a person go out of his own control.  
Some major things that could make a person sexually active, as well as making a man stop being so sexually active are stated
Alcoholic Drink: Alcohol can intoxicate the mind to do things not plan for by making a person so sexually active out of control, it is capable of giving the weak that strength to forcefully act against one wish. This could lead to rape and other violent act when failed to be controlled due to the highness gain from been drunk.
Porn: Watching pornography, nude pics and engaging in dirty talks in relationship can make a man get sexually active. Putting an end to this kind of lifestyle would greatly help stop being so sexually aroused.
Mindset: Putting an end to things that could arise in a person, need to do with how the mind is being controlled. Getting so active sexually is a failure of the inability to have total control over the mind.
When the mind is properly aligned to positive things, it is easy to stop the huge for sex. You can change your mind process and take back control of your mind according to Addrc
Reaction: Our reaction to body languages do a lot harm that good, especially when it comes to sex life. Taking your eye off things that could attract you and call your attention can help. Though, the world is a corrupt place where fashion is gradually turning into madness, where ladies dress half naked, to seduce men, yet they calm to call it modern fashion.
Emotion disorderliness: This is a very delicate part of human behaviour that needs to be controlled and also needs great attention. Emotional disorderliness is a result of mental disorder. It is not when someone is insane that makes a person mentally disordered but the inability to lose control of the will to act according to wish. Jys talks about the cause and reason for emotional behaviour most especially in teens.

Toxic friends: Mingling with the wrong set of friends can make a person sexually aroused. The kind of friends you keep, what you talk about, how they react to things, and their social lifestyle has a great effect, to stop being so sexually active is to work away from these things.

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