How To Safe Marriage From Religion Problem, Keeping a Healthy Relationship As Couples

Religion Problem In Marriage:

The role religion plays in marriage has kept so many relationship at bay, as couples end up with a broken home, divorce in regrets. Finding flaws in each others religion while ignoring the essence of marriage.

Religion problem in marriage is a mindset issue that need to be resolved.

So many couples are carried away by their believes, trying to satisfy religion, forgetting why they are in marriage. Some people even go as far as taking religion more important than their own life.

Religion is good and it has it own purpose, so as couples in marriage has theirs. Religion and marriage problem has being one of the major challenge in relationship. Keeping a happy home needs the right, approach, application of wisdom, experience and exposure.

Marriage is an engagement between two people making a couple, it is not easy for two people from different background to live together as husband and wife for a life time, learning how to tolerate peoplecould be a lifetime encounter and a marriage safer.

Character, manners, attitude and other ways of life could be totally different, while trying to cope with this, religion matter could arise in marriage which could cause more harm than good to relationship.

Just as finding ways to resolve cultural differences in marriage, so as religion differences between couples could create problems to relationship. The need to keep your marriage healthy as couples should be your major focus and most important finding your own happiness and your partner’s could shield relationship in marriage.

Many couples facing religious crises in marriage may not plan for such issues in marriage, finding themselves in religious issues means they didn’t do so well to take advantage of courtship, failing to know the importance of courtship while dating could cause problem after marriage.

Lovers should as well know that marriage is a very crucial and delicate stage in relationship journey. You can take dating as casual engagement, but when relationship leads to courting, it is important to prepare each other for the challenges that may come ahead in marriage.

When lovers fail to check and balance their religious lifestyle in courtship before marriage, religion differences could easily becomes a problem in marriage.

Religion problem in marriage is majorly based on believes and orientation giving to couples by people mostly parents, guidance or friends.

How To Safe Marriage From Religion Problem

1. Freedom in chains: Everybody have rights and are entitled to their own opinion to belief in whatever could hiss them from worries and make them happy, but things are going the other way round.

Your beliefs shouldn’t be something that should bring problems to your marriage. However, if the mind is not well controlled to what it digest it could be a person greatest enemy which ought to be the greatest asset.

When the mind holds on to what it knows without giving other things a chance or a second thought, it could cause great problem to the person who owns it. Having a fixed mindset can keep a person in chains.

2. Misconception: Serving God wholeheartedly is one thing, but discriminating other peoples religion is another. If you know religion could bring problem to your marriage while in courtship, it is best to avoid such relationship.

God is love, it is stated to love thy neighbour as yourself, and do to others what you can do to yourself, this is no discrimination or hatred but a sign of love. Do you not think that, making religion become a problem in marriage could be a sin?

Religion and marriage are two different things, though, marriage is ordained by God, bringing two people together form difference tribes, background to become husband and wife. Yet the mix up in religion could become a problem in marriage if both partner takes their religion over their own happiness.

3. Peace comes first: One of the biggest problem of the world is religion, when some people believe in a God and others don’t. However we haven’t heard and it has not being written that two God from different religion fought against each other. Why then fight against the ones you love because of religion differences. Creating peace with people and most especially the ones you love safes relationship.

4. God is one: Making religion differences a barrier in marriage could be as a result of our own fault, while you think you are fighting for God or trying to live a righteous life. God is one and all knowing, we are only following orders.

5. Love overrules: God is one and He is love. Love overrules every other thing and does not discriminate. To keep your relationship from religion problem in marriage is to understand that love overrules every flaws in marriage.

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