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10 Sexting Long Distance Relationship Talks And Effect

Sexting Long in Distance Relationship

Sexting which is also referred to as dirty talk. Dirty talk is conversations, messages, videos and chat sent and received between two people talking about sexual explicit messages, exchanging nude pics.

Sexting is an effective way to communicate and create intimacy in long distance relationship.
Dirty talks also known sexting in long distance relationships have been an effective method to get relationships back on track, especially in long distance relationships where lovers hardly get to meet each other.
While some lovers believe that dirty talks can be healthy in long distance relationships, providing shield to long distance relationships, it could also cause great damage to relationships.
It is understood that we have to keep our relationship as safe as possible, however the fear of breaking up in a relationship has made so many people indulge themselves in things that are against their free will.
Though many people will say they do not have a choice because their partner needed it and they will rather ask somebody else who is willing to talk dirty with them even when they aren’t in a relationship.
With this, sexting becomes part of them, creating intimacy and making them get along until affection is finally created, from there feeling could easily start to rise as it arose their emotions, most likely to create lust rather than true love.
The fact is that most people who engage themselves in sexting with other people are mostly not in love but in lust. Because their mindset could simply shift from friendship to sex mate.
This also applies to relationship between two lovers, This could easily damage healthy and godly relationship who were aren’t build around sexual affair, or a relationship who do not in anyway want sex in their relationship. Such relationship who may at the end becomes a sex affair.
We shall discuss both the benefit and the harm sexting could bring to long distance relationships.
1. Intimacy: As dirty talks can help a relationship get better by creating intimacy, closeness between partners in a long distance relationship. Sexting is a good way to get close and know your partner much better. In fact it could be the source of fun in a relationship even without physical contact.
2. Corrupt minds: But you may need to ask yourself, how healthy is sexting in a relationship? Talking dirty in a long distance relationship between lovers, especially those who do not have the mindset at first could easily corrupt the mind. Sexting is like a way to open a person’s heart to things they have no knowledge about, things they aren’t practised. Sooner or later they will be pushed and the urge to practise it will always come to the mind.
3. So you need to remember you are in a long distance relationship before introducing talking dirty with your partner, you may not get time to see and the mind could easily be corrupted.
4. Cheating: When the mind is corrupt, then there are possibilities that the mind can be tested. A corrupt mind filled with dirty talks is vulnerable to attacks. The question of being faithful becomes a thing of doubt because the body can only withstand what the mind can hold.
5. You are in a distance relationship with your partner and sometime the urge for sex could arose a partner, sexting trigger urge and could make a partner fall. Since you aren’t there to help out, some ways your partner may see someone else. May not be their fault anyways, but the way you build your relationship.
6. Faithfulness: A relationship that talk dirty has to questions it level of faithfulness. It not easy for someone who has being involve in sexual activities to stay away from sex in a long distance relationship. Though talking dirty could be a way to help a relationship away from unfaithfulness but could also be that which can damage a relationship in no time.
7. False Hope: Although, talking dirty could give lovers hope of possibilities of coming back together after a long distance relationship life, but the damage caused may be greater than the help rendered. It is a long distance relationship and believing your partner will stay faithful to you after much time of talking dirty could bring up false up and lies. We are all human and we are weak.
8. Sex Urge: There is no way you can withstand sex urge after you might have talked so much dirt talks with your partner. The body isn’t a log of wood, it calls for attention and stimulation, most especially for those who have indulge themselves in sex life.
9. Immoralities: Dirty talks could be healthy to relationships in long distance but could also be an immoral way to build a relationship. It could cause more harm than damage.
10. Addiction: Good things are hard to learn, but bad things are damn easy to understand and could easily become part of life. Frequent sexting can become a problem to partners, as they become addicted to talking dirty. They will want to get themselves involved even when you are not available because it could have been something of addiction rather than fun.

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