Importance Of Courtship: Why Bachelors And Spinsters End Up With The Wrong Partners



Courtship Life:

If you think been a bachelor or a spinster is a time to have fun in relationship rather than to understand the important of courtship and knowing how to take responsibilities, the strength and weakness of your partner, then be prepared for the worst in marriage.



Why people end up getting married or ending up with the wrong partner is because they do not know the importance of courtship.

Why do we court?

People court in a relationship to bring out the beauty of the relationship and it’s also to understand oneself and our partners, so as to know and understand each other better by understanding our partners strength and weakness and to find solutions to them before marriage.

Courtship; Not A Time For Joke

Most people assume that courtship is a joke, as many believe it is the perfect time to get along with lovers and have fun. These are true but it is way more complex than you think. If you are in a relationship that you intend to lead to marriage and you think the time you have is for flexing, flirting and catching fun, then be prepared for the worse when you get married.
As a bachelor or spinster you must understand the importance of courtship in a relationship and how it should build or stand as a solid foundation in marriage.

The Bachelor Process:

Before a man is called a bachelor he must have passed through some stages in life from being an adolescent to a teenager and a young adult then a man who is fully grown, ready to take responsibilities and to settle down for marriage.

Having passed through these stages, he must have gone through or must have engaged himself in either a secret love affair or an open relationship with an (opposite sex) a female, there he is meant to gain, gather experiences about how to handle a relationship challenge and take responsibilities for both himself and the lady.

 What Spinsters should note

The above are the first and most important responsibility of a bachelor who is preparing to get married; know how to make a woman secure, feel loved and cared for. Develop a good communication skills, self control, self confidence, provide for the needs of the family and be patient. This period is not the courtship period because most guys are still under the control of their parents.

Ladies Beware

A bachelor who can not provide for himself can not afford to provide for his family in marriage” – This is a message for the young ladies out there, do not go after a man who can not take responsibility for himself, who can not cater for the needs of himself and you. It would be very difficult for such a man to cater for the needs of the home when he is married.
But that does not suggest that you should not marry a man who is trying hard to work things out for himself and also willing to take care of you even though he lacks enough capacity now.
In this kind of situation, you have to work in hand together with your partner, if you believe in his vision and also have a strong believe that everything will be fine based on his effort and signs of no relent.


Men, Flee From Vision Killers:

  • Do not marry a woman who does not see into your vision, who does not know your purpose or understands your plan. “A man with great vision perishes, right from the moment he gets married to a woman who lacks vision and purpose“- When a man gets married to the wrong partner, he fails at all spheres of life.
§  Do not get married to a woman who is always after material things, this is why courtship before marriage is important because it is a time to know each others pros and cons – “A woman who is always after material things such as money rather than self value, helps a man to an early grave
  • Too much of self interest ruins a relationship; a woman or man who is only of his own self interest rather than the interest and benefit of others will remain a disaster in marriage. – Remember marriage is for a life time.

Guy, Bachelor And Man: We Needed To Know The Difference

A spinster who is ready for marriage must know the difference between a guy from a person who is a bachelor or a man. This is one of the biggest mistakes most ladies make before marriage and after making the mistakes they always end up in regrets in their marriages.
Do not mistake a guy from a man who is a bachelor, as a lady if you make this mistake you may not enjoy your marriage for the rest of your life. Remember marriage is for a life time and not for a period of time. The way you structure and lay your relationship foundation is the way you will meet it in the next twenty to fifty years time. So plan and choose wisely so that you will not choose wrongly.


 Who Is Called A Guy In Relationship?

A guy is generally known as a young adult, a boy who involves himself in social and personal activities, spending time out with friends and without plans for marriage.
This kind of person is not in any way prepared for a marriage, all that flows in his mind is to have fun and be in a relationship that most times leads no where. 
At this point, he mingles with friends and show off, spends time on social media platforms doing irrelevant things, chat with ladies and as well flirts around ladies. Most guys do not have a futuristic plan they are just all about enjoying the moment.
A spinster should not get carried away with such guys.
Most of these guys are still controlled by their parents, the parent tells them what to do, and their life strongly depends on them. – As a young lady if you fall for this kind of guy, you should have it in your mind that your relationship is heading no where but breakup.


Why You Should Go For A Man

As for the men, a man is a matured person who is and can take responsibility of his household, a man can protect and care for himself and his family, always on the move to get better in life and also with a great vision and always plan ahead. – This is the kind of person you should go for as a spinster, do not date a guy who has no plan for himself nor for his future generation, it sucks at the end.

 Difference Between A Lady And A Woman

The lady is not in any way prepared for a marriage just like most of other guys, all that comes to her head is to have fun and be in a relationship that most times leads no where, she mingles with friends and shows off, spends time on social media platform doing irrelevant things, chat with guys, flirts arounds guys, most ladies do not have a futuristic plan they are just all about enjoying the moment.


 Who Is A Woman In Relationships

Most people believe that a woman is someone who is married to a man and or with kids, but that is not it actually. – A woman may not be married to a man but still be called a woman, how is this possible?
A lady can be called a woman if and only if she possesses the attributes of a woman, with her character, her mode dressing, her manners, a way good mode of approach with the way she speaks and control the atmosphere when there is a dialogue or misunderstanding in a relationship, the way she plans things ahead with you, the advice she gives and how she manages to shield relationship.

What Kind Of Lady Should I Go For?

For a serious man, a bachelor who wants a relationship that will lead to marriage; Do not have a future with a lady who categorizes herself as a slay mama or a slay queen, a lady who spends all time on social media doing all sort of irrelevant things, like taking a day posting nude and half naked pictures of herself, chatting all day, going to clubs, mingling with friends and, a lady who depends on a man for survival, a lady who can not think or take responsibilities for herself. These sets of ladies are weird and if a man with good vision ends up with such in marriage then it becomes a 
disaster upon him in marriage.

 Importance Of Courtship In Relationship

Failureto recognize and utilize the importance of courtship is like digging your own grave with your hands, because you may end up in regrets after marriage. This may last for a life time; I bet you do not want that for yourself.
Take your time to know your partner in courtship, do not judge them from their appearances alone, go into their realities. How do you go about this?
In courtship, take your time to visit your partners home, I mean her parents house and family house, take your time to know their way of life if its Godly enough, investigate on their social backgrounds, how they relate with people and all. Know your partners past relationships life and figure out her strengths and weaknesses. 
Appreciate and applaud her on her strength and help her develop positively on her weakness.
If your partner suits your taste then go for him or her,  if not, do not pity in love, all you have to do is to let go of an unsure  relationship so that you won’t have more issues in marriage.
But before this action, if you have a partner that has a rough and terrible past and you see and confirm that he or she is a changed person and you are sure and certain of it, then you can let go of such persons past and move on to start a life together. Courtship is very important in relationships and utilizing the importance of courtship makes a marriage prosperous.


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