How Sex Before Marriage Helps Protect Relationship

Premarital Sex And Effects

Is sex before marriage a sin? Or can premarital sex shield a relationship and why it is wrong is a question that can not be given a direct answer to if we do not want to be bias, sentimental or one sided. Premarital sex is also known as sex before marriage, a sexual affair between two people before marriage.


Premarital sex is also known as fornication in the thought belief system, particularly in the Christian doctrines. When talking about sex before marriage in a relationship, premarital sex has been in existence right from ages.
Then, it may be that many people do not see it as a fault until some have been severally abused and then religion came into play by creating a way to curve and modify its abuse.
Not having sex before marriage could be a sin and may not depending on our mindset and thought belief system. When talking about if sex before marriage or premarital sex can shield or protect a relationship.
We must then clarify the kind of relationship it is, though we all know that relationship is a form of feeling and emotional display between the partners in courtship and marriage.
However, we should be very clear that premarital sex occur mostly in courtship which comes before marriage, but is having sex before marriage a sin?
This brings us to the notion if premarital sex or sex before marriage is a sin or not or if not having sex before marriage is a sin and can protect a relationship from break up or not.

Religious Interpretation

Is it a sin to have sex before marriage? The first thing I want us to understand is that, if we assume or pretend to take religion and beliefs always to determine or to know if having sex before marriage is wrong our answers may differ based on our mindset and personal beliefs. 
While some will say sex before marriage is wrong others may say it is right. But if we are to go in line with religious beliefs and thought system then we do not need to beat around the bush to conclude that sex before marriage is totally wrong and ungodly in the biblical sense, sex before marriage is called fornication.
That is for religious beliefs thoughts and system but here on this post we are not focusing on religious belief system alone, we are here to go deeper and work alongside our mindset as to determine if premarital sex is wrong and if sex before marriage could protect or shield our relationship especially from break up.


Is sex before marriage wrong?

On religious beliefs premarital sex is totally not acceptable, it is forbidding and immoral and considered as a sin in many religion with prove 1 Thessalonians 4:3. but when talking about individual mindsets on what is right or wrong, it is more complicated than we may think.

Where We Might Have Gotten It All Wrong

Relationship deals with feelings and emotions which is a life wire of true love. When tampered with, it could ruin a life at an instance and when built, well-nourished and nurtured it grows strong, well rooted and becomes a thing of happiness for a life time most importantly in marriages.

 How is having sex before marriage a sin?

On one hand, having sex before marriage is a sin, premarital affairs is wrong because it could easily take away the pride of relationship and most especially a woman or a lady’s pride, dignity and respect in a relationship. It could also expose us to negative reactions and feelings; it could as well make us lose our value. That special thing a man embraces in us for long could turn to rag in his face in a matter of seconds.
However there is a but and not of condition
On the other hand, in courtship it is natural for temptation to arise between two lovers, even when we are determined not to practise it, our mind gets weak and loosed when we are deeply in love, then it is easy to fall into temptation and give in easily, not because we wish to do it but because at that time we could not have a total control of our emotions and feelings, so we yield.
When we become a victim of temptations, it is not the end of life. It is not about falling, it is about adjusting our mindset from our mistakes, when we fall it doesn’t mean we have failed.

How Premarital Sex Helps Protect Relationship

Many people believe that sex before marriage is fornication but that is not the case, it mughy just be the best way to protect a relationship.
The irony is that anybody can fall for sex before marriage because most times we can not control or do not have total control of ourselves though there are some people who do not take sex before marriage as a sin or nothing special. 

These sets of people most times have trouble in their marriages, resulting to marital issues which most time leads to extra marital affairs because they are loosed and aren’t satisfied with their spouses sexual life.

Most of the people who practice fornication or premarital sex often have problems in their marriages.

How is premarital sex abused?

In some cases, there are people who are flirts, they are sex freaked and sexually active with no conscience of wrong doing, these sets of people see relationship as a way to enjoy life and have fun why some believe this is the best way to protect their relationships, many of them are influenced by friends and the society they find themselves also plays a negative role in their lives.

The funniest part of it all is that many of them are the believers, some of them pray everyday but when it comes to sex, they are always sexually active, they even go as far as begging for it. This might not be their fault as most are deprived of social life and activities but the moment they find themselves in it, it always look very difficult to pull out.

If sex is a prove of love, then prostitutes are the best lovers”. – Jesutofunmi

Where Premarital sex begins

The origin of premarital sex starts within our teen age. Teenagers get easily exposed and sensitive to things around them, and they easily pick up things as their brains are very active, sharp and smart yet vulnerable to destruction.
Premarital sex regrets;
Most relationship that choose premarital affairs as a priority tends to lose the relationship before or after marriage, because when sex is the foundation of a relationship the possibilities of a fruitful result in the relationship is zero.

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